Ummmm Hello?

Why does everybody write about love and like what they like and stuff? Is this not a school thing or what? Do you need to write everything like who you like, and sob-stories? I did not know that this was life central here. If you wanted to talk about that stuff, than talk about it somewhere else not here!

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  1. ok. I am not against this, but look at the second amendment on the constitution. Freedom of speech, mrs. oqueli let us use this site to express our feelings, ok? I’m not trying to be mean, but if you see those posts just ignore them.

  2. lol but i see where your coming from austin but then we have the same right so they should just ignore us

  3. it’s our blogs so whatever. You can post what you want and I will post what I want. You don’t have to read it. KEEP SCROLLING BOO!

  4. its more painful than being forced to read the twilight series while a Caribbean monkey is hitting you in the head.

  5. make a page for all of this love crap dont just post it the main page for people who dont want to see it

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