Stuck in a flower bed sea.

There I was. I was asleep. I didn’t feel a thing. Until the nest morning. I woken up in a little glass jar. I wondered how i got there. I sit and wait. Hours have gone by like the waves on a beach, sweet and yet breathtaking. I wait till I can wait no longer. I hit, and kick at the glass with all my might. No one can see me. I sit, crying waiting for someone to come and rescue me from this horrid jar. Night come’s and a humongous storm awakens my slumber. I was washed away by this beautiful flower bed sea. Almost as if i was washed away with the water from god’s heaven up above. Oh, please someone come save me from this beautiful flower bed sea! ¬†Still no one comes to my rescue and with all of my last breathing breath’s that I have, I scream. I scream at the top of my lungs. the air has began to seep away. With nothing left, I have now forever died in this beautiful flowed bed sea.¬†

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